Fees & Rates


The Topeka Round-Up Club is a not-for-profit Kansas Corporation, 501 (C) 4 . Memberships are required for boarding horses and offered to those who wish to  ride at our facility. Members receive many benefits such as full use of the facility  – indoor and outdoor arenas, trails, discounts on riding lessons and special events, social activities and use of the club house.  (please refer to the “Home” page for listing).  Visitors are welcome.

Yearly Membership Fees are subject to tax and can be paid annually, bi-annually or quarterly. A low interest rate is applied to members who elect to pay their membership fees bi-annually or quarterly.

  • Single Membership/Senior Single– $310.00 per year
    An adult at least 18 years of age without custody of minor children
  • Family Membership – $420.00 per year
    Family members living at the same residence including children up to age 18 and children to age 24 if enrolled in college or an education program
  • Senior Family – $350.00 per year
    An adult who is at least 60 years old or a disabled person
  • Social Membership – $220.00 per year
    A non-riding membership


A variety of boarding options are available



All pens and turn out areas have automatic waterers.


The West Barn features 12′ x 12′ stalls with daily pen turnout, weather permitting. Horses are provided hay and grain twice daily and water is always available to the horses. Our professional staff cleans stalls daily and provides three bags of shavings per week (additional shavings are available for purchase). A tack locker in the west barn tack room is provided for each horse. Special services may be available such as blanketing and daily food supplements and special grains (provided by the owner)  The monthly boarding rate is $405.00.


The Historic East barn horses are fed in a stall twice/daily by the staff and have access to pasture area, shelter and a hay round bale close to the barn. Stall cleaning is the repsonsibility of the boarder. The monthly boarding rate is $245.00.


Horses are provided hay and grain twice daily. Shelter & water are available at all times. A tack locker is provided. The monthly boarding rate is $235.00.


Horses are provided round bales with additional pasture turn out by staff as appropriate. Shelter & water are available at all times. A tack locker is provided. The monthly boarding rate is $195.00.


Contact us at trcboardmembers@gmail.com for a current membership application and boarding agreement packet.

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